Thursday, April 9, 2020

Day 27: April 8th, 2020

Day 27
Woke up, took recycling out to the dumpster with my handkerchief on my face. Then I walked around the parking lot in the sunshine. Still amazed at the lack of masks and face coverings on other people. Saw some people doing laundry.

I took photos of my trees growing on my balcony because I realized I nearly have a forest going out there. Birds drop seeds in my planters and I let the trees grow. 

Looking at the news today. Bernie suspended his campaign. Probably for the best. I just hope that Biden can try to learn from the Bernie and Warren supporters about what we want to help turn this country around. Most important, still, is just supporting the democratic candidate so we can have a chance. I want a president that supports and protects, or at least tries to support and protect, the whole country not just private interests.

One thing I noticed yesterday, but forgot to write, was that I forget more often to do my daily stretches. Even while my boyfriend works from home, each day feels odd. Not quite a weekend but not a normal weekday either. I have tmj stretches on my to-do list, and even still, I wonder why I hurt if I have not done a stretch in a couple of days. Ugh.

Trying to sew again today and having another fight with my machine. Is it me? Is it my lack of machine oil. I think it is mostly the lack of oil, but it is also a little bit me. I do not sew very often. I just wish I had someway to help other than sitting on my ass.

I want to help, but I feel helpless. I am frustrated.

Worked on trying to get my old laptop up and running. It won't connect to the internet. I finally got it to work. Who knew that following instructions could be helpful. Huh. A newer operating system would be nice. I think I have the Mac equivalance of Windows 7 or possibly Vista.

Ate tofu and bean tacos for dinner while watching youtube latenight and BA videos.