Saturday, March 28, 2020

Day 12: March 24, 2020

Day 12

Still a bit stressed.
Slept in again. 
Cat is strssed too. 
Been trying things to help her out like leaving blankets around for her to sleep on and playing with her more or just laying on the floor with her. Poor old sick kitty. She seems better today.

Got magic cards in mail today. Building a deck. Now I have 2 card games to play between that and my call of cthulu game.

Don't want to do a news update because president is failing big time and will not own up to it. State governors are our leaders and senate and congress are mostly doing their best.

Ate veggie burgers on discount Franz buns.

Watched the nightly youtube.

Played Magic on the couch.

Day 8:March 20, 2020

Day 8
Slept in. 
Just feel tired and headachey.
I have been doing much more than normal. It is good, but I need to remember to watch my health more carefully. I have some chronic pain issues, mostly bad migraines.

Went on social media

Looked through my gg'mas old post cards. Found ones from during spanish flu.

Posted 3 of my family's post cards on twitter. I have some family post cards from during the 1918 influenza (aka the spanish flu), which lasted in the US from 1918 through 1920. 

I thought I would post a few of the post cards, because, like tweets, they say a little about life during a pandemic, like a short story.
I have fewer postcards from this time period compared to before and after. I do not know if my great grandmother was just busier or life was more hectic for them in general.

I did notice they tried to talk even if they had nothing to say. ❤️ That's love.

Boyfriend and I are rating car alarms. First today was a little weak, not great sound. We have a favorite, it gets a lot of air time and it has a nice beat. 

Went out for a walk around the neighborhood. It was rush hour on friday. It looked more like 8pm on a Monday. There was a jogger and a couple people doing yard work. We tried our best to navigate from parked cars and mail boxes.

Watched some youtube, faves being Jimmy kimmel with his fam with formal friday was cute and binging with babish and his pantry basics chickpea edition, very inventive.

Ended the night with popcorn and Australian soccer.

Day 10:March 22, 2020

Day 10
Very stressed.

Day 11:March 23, 2020

Day 11

Rested in bed all morning.

Read Locke and Key.

Nothing much to say.

Watched youtube latenight.

This was a much needed rest day.

Day 9: March 21, 2020

Day 9
Woke, played a mini game in bed, slow weekend morning. Called my prescriptions in so they will all be ready for pick up this week.

Got a call from a person running for city council. We went to highschool together, were in drivers ed together and were sorta neighbors. She didn't remember me. It was funny because I remember her. I think we carpooled for a semester to drivers ed. Anyway, it was a humorous phone encounter and I hope she listned to my point about people in lower income apartments being at a disadvantage. I wish more people could realize there are people out here with a need for support. People who need aid because of health issues and debt from those issues. We still had a health crisis in our country, way before this pandemic hit. It keeps people from working and not everyone is getting aid, even if they lost their jobs due to a health issue. These are the times we live in.

I feel like going on a walk. Cabin fever.

One park was packed, went to another trail with less people, took some photos, enjoyed the sun.
Talked to my sister.
Ordered soap and some cleaning stuff online. They were all out of cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer on three big retail websites.
I am stressed, have to admit.
Donald glover released music tonight. Was awake to listen to it.