Sunday, June 22, 2014

Photography in Minto-Brown Island City Park, Salem, OR

Like many other people who grew up in Salem, Oregon, I've spent countless hours at Minto-Brown Island city park. As a kid I road my bike there, I had my senior pictures taken among the long gone fields of sunflowers, and as an adult the park has turned into the perfect place  for me to relax, exercise, and work on my photography.

At 899 acres, Minto-Brown Island Park is about 50 acres larger than Central Park in New York, and soon to be bigger with the expansion and the bridge work. Most of the land was comprised of two working farms up until the 1970s and parts of the park have since been a working city farm and tree groves owned by paper companies. Today, the park is protected by federal grants that protect and restore flood plains and wetlands. With so much history, and many hidden artifacts telling each story, there is so much to discover at this beautiful, expansive park.

The park is so complex, so beautiful and ever-changing that one day, as my boyfriend and I were taking photos of the park, I realized we can't be the only ones. There were others, just like us, roaming the park with cameras in hand, taking photos of green things, birds, and pretty sunsets. That night I searched Flickr, an online photo sharing site, and found I was right. There WERE others taking gorgeous shots of the very same park. So I started a group and invited everyone I could find to join. and what resulted is this. It is an ever-changing collection of how nature and art photographers see the park. My favorite part about the group is how the images change with the seasons. You can see with the archived photos, how the park changes through the year, and it is beautiful.

New members always welcome! 
(Signup with Flickr is easy, specially if you have a Yahoo account of any kind.)
Minto Brown Daisies Minto Brown Bridge Old Suburban at Minto Brown