Thursday, April 16, 2015

Film Reels: Lover Come Back

Film Reels - In which I catch up on my classic movies and then talk about them.

Lover Come Back -  Romance/Comedy, 1961

In the midst of the finale season of Mad Men, I feel like I normally do when a beloved TV show, book or movie ends; there is a tiny hole in my heart where the characters resided shortly. It must be a trait of the artistic person or the overly nostalgic, but I get it every time. To fill this hole in my heart, I turn to research; who was the real Don Draper? And then I remembered a movie from my childhood, Lover Come Back.

My mother adored Doris Day growing up, and she shares that love with my sister and myself.  In the movie Lover Come Back, both Rock Hudson and Doris Day play Ad men (women), much like Don Draper, Peggy Olsen, et. al. Now Mr. Hudson's character acts a bit more Roger Sterling-esque, playing the ladies more than the actual advertising, but the setting is still Madison Avenue in 1960. And boy is it familiar after all 7 seasons of Mad Men. I felt like I was watching the movie with fresh eyes.

When I first watched Lover Come back, I was probably a pre-teen, and focused on the silliness and comedic execution. Now that I'm older, wiser and have all that advertising knowledge under my belt, the movie is just that much funnier. Also, Tony Randall and Ann Davis are both treasures. Both have excellent comedic timing and a penchant for one liners and great character work. Its too bad Ann Davis didn't get more work. As for Tony Randall, I may need to revisit the Odd Couple here soon.

Lover Come Back is a slightly dated, but well done, time capsule of a movie, with great colors, slapstick, art, outright silliness, obligatory "Doris Day soft-focus," and a bit of romance. The best moment comes 3/4 the way through with their "new product." In the right hands, this could be a very interesting movie to remake. But only in the right hands... Regardless, you'll love Vip! And I hope you'll enjoy the movie as much as I always have. And maybe it will cheer you up after Mad Men ends too... (Available on iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay)