Monday, October 20, 2014

Sculpting And Painting With Paper

I've been experimenting with paper arts and crafts for a long while, but lately I've felt like testing its limits, and making paper into more than just paper. I love the general medium because I can work with items from my recycling container, a couple discarded art magazines from the state library and an out of date encyclopedia. Not only are supplies cheap, but I'm reducing the amount of items (though small) that go into the landfill every year. I know, I'm taking items of of my recycle container, but lets be frank, not all of the items you put in "Big Blue" end up being recycled into pretty new materials. Its always better to reuse first, am i right?

I love creating fictional scenes, natural landscapes or objects out of these discarded materials. Its almost surreal transforming an old encyclopedia article about electronic engineering into a magical grassy landscape. Its these idiosyncrasies that keep flooding me with more and more ideas for projects. Currently I'm working on a free standing tree on a hill made entirely of rolled magazines and paper I made in a blender. I have ideas for combining broken electronics and paper, such as copper wiring and old cameras to make dioramas, with paper sculpting bring the pieces to life. Combining paper arts and discarded items into larger pieces, or integrating paper and sculpting into paintings has opened a whole new world of possibilities.

"Cattails" by Lisa Miller, 2014 - discarded books, magazines & acrylic paints, glue
"Siamese With Yarn" by Lisa Miller, 2014 - discarded book pages, acrylics

"Spaceship" -  by Lisa Miller, 2014 - discarded book pages, acrylics, glitter, glue

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