Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Collage Art From Scraps, Discards & Leftovers

I first got the idea when my boyfriend showed me a picture of a Painted Bunting. They aren't local birds, they prefer warmer climates, but that didn't stop me from making a collage so I can enjoy the Painted Bunting's beautiful colors.
 I ripped a few pieces of music from a discarded music book, pictures from an out of date craft magazine, words from a discarded childrens' library book, and hand-me-down card stock from a friend.

After arranging and gluing the background down, I drew the bird and branch. I cut out each pice I needed for each color and glued them together and onto the background. This first photo is of the whole piece so far.

 Next I painted the bird to add the color variation that makes the Pained Bunting such a distinct bird. You could choose to cut out more piece, but I preferred to have the painted look.

The whole piece ended up looking pretty nice. All it needs now is a nice coating of modge-podge or some sort of sealant.